About us

About Us

ExpatLegalHub is a legal resource for British expatriates living in all corners of the world. This free knowledge portal has been developed by Expatriate Law, a London based law firm specialising in divorce and family law for expatriates. We are delighted that highly experienced international family lawyers based around the world have contributed legal articles to this site, making it the largest legal knowledge base dedicated to expatriate families.

The aim of ExpatLegalHub is to provide expatriates with guidance on legal issues in the country in which they live; be that family and divorce advice, visa information or criminal laws that all residents should be aware of.

We appreciate that when living as an expatriate, it can be difficult to know where to turn for accurate and trusted advice. Unfamiliar and conflicting laws make dealing with legal issues abroad a potential minefield. Most expatriate families enjoy life in several different countries before returning home. This information portal allows expats to read up on the laws of their new home before moving, and learn when and where specialist advice is required.

Why choose ExpatLegalHub recommended firms?

The lawyers contributing to ExpatLegalHub are are specialists in international family law, and predominantly advise expatriate families.

International family law is a complex area requiring professional expertise. The contributing lawyers are familiar with the practicalities of expat life such as visas, dependent’s passes, gratuity, and increased living costs.

Most contributing lawyers to this site are Fellows of the elite International Academy of Family Lawyers and between us, we have won multiple legal awards, recognising our expertise in international family law.

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